"See your site through your users' eyes."

Eye Tracking

If your users can't find what they're looking for, they'll take their business elsewhere. Eye Tracking technology allows you to climb inside their heads and see your website through their eyes. It lets you see where they look, what they pay most attention too - and most importantly, what they miss. See a video of Eye Tracking in action.

What We Do


We'll work with you to understand your target audience and then recruit people who match. We're experienced in recruiting all types of people from Joe Public to senior-level professionals with specialist skills. We'll also develop a test script that addresses key user tasks, and can help you put together prototypes if you need us to.


A typical test consists of 8-10 one-to-one sessions (per user demographic). During tests we set them a series of real-life tasks to accomplish with your website. Our eye tracking equipment then records the path of users' eyes and what they fixate on.

Analysis & Reporting

After analysing the test data, we'll provide you with a detailed report, illustrated with session images and heatmaps for each of your webpages. Session images show the path that users' eyes took when looking at a page, while heatmaps highlight the areas the users paid most attention to. We'll also present our findings and design recommendations to your design team in person.

Implementation (Optional)

We'll help you to implement the short-term fixes we recommend. Plus we'll develop a proposal for future redesign activities to address the deeper usability and customer experience issues.

How Long it Takes

We usually need 1-2 weeks to recruit users, depending on which types of users you need. However, preparation, testing, analysis and reporting normally only takes 5-10 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do users have to wear a helmet or special glasses?

No. Our eye tracking equipment uses small video cameras to capture and monitor the movements of users' eyes - so they don't need to wear anything special during the sessions.

Is the system intrusive?

No. It's practically invisible. As a result, most users forget that their eyes are being tracked within seconds.

What about people with glasses or contact lenses? Can you track their eyes?

Yes. Our equipment works perfectly for these users.

Is the equipment sensitive to eye colour or ethnicity?

No. It works with dark or bright eyes, the young and the old, and people of all ethnic backgrounds - in varying light conditions.

Do users have to be restrained during the sessions?

Only if they try to attack us! Users can move around freely in front of our tracking equipment with no effect (unlike other systems where users' faces must be held in specific position using head restraints!). If they need to go to the bathroom mid-session, we can re-calibrate them in 30 seconds.

Do you capture one eye or two?

We capture the position of both eyes in 3D space. This makes our system extremely robust, unlike others that only track one eye.

How accurate is the tracking of users eyes?

Very. It's accurate to less than one centimetre square on a standard computer monitor.

Where will the tests be held?

We can hold tests in our own usability labs or at users' homes and places of work. The system is completely portable.

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