"Are you invisible?"

Search Engine Optimisation

"If we build it, they will come". Not necessarily. No-one's going to visit your website if they can't find it. And no-one's going to keep visiting if they can't find the information they want. We use proven techniques to help you achieve high positions in Google, Yahoo and Microsoft search engine results.

What We Do


Search engine optimisation projects begin by determining the keywords and phrases that best resonate with your users. We'll find out what your users are searching for and how your competitors are performing.

Copywriting and Keyword Placement

Next we'll insert these keywords into your page titles, metadata, and other web content. More effective writing means better indexing by search engine spiders.

Architecting a search-engine friendly site structure

We'll help you make HTML and scripting modifications that will improve the range and depth of content that will be indexed. We'll also plan and implement an effective linking strategy to boost rankings.

Monitoring (Optional)

We'll monitor your site to measure ensure that high placements are maintained over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

But won't this result in an unusable design?

This process is called optimisation, because it is about finding the right balance between your users' needs and the search engines' perception of value, importance and relevancy. At Etre, we always favour user needs over the needs of spiders.

Do you know the latest hacks, tricks and fudges that will guarantee number one listings?

Despite what other search engine marketing companies claim, no one can guarantee top search engine placement. Because only the search engines themselves know how their ranking algorithms work, and they aren't about to tell us or our competition how to hack them. What we can guarantee is that we will make your site more search-engine friendly, which will result in improved rankings.

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